About us

Company history 

VN Engineering Ltd. was founded in 2011 by Vladimir Nikolov as a construction testing laboratory. Many years of work and persistence have established the company as a leader in exploration of building materials and structural analysis.

The continuous improvement of research base and skills have turned the laboratory into a capable member that performs the full range of tests and inspections of building elements. Research activity brought up a high level of precision and personal responsibility in our work, which we put in each task. It helped us to find solutions of problems when it seemed impossible.

The need for new challenges made us invest an accumulated experience and knowledge in building structures. From 2018 VN Engineering Ltd. has expanded its activities in the field of civil engineering. Currently it carries out orders for constructing and project engineering of new buildings and facilities, reconstruction of existing structures and demolition of old ones.

Subject of activity

The main practice of the company today is a combination of research and construction activities. Our services include laboratory testing of building materials; construction and reconstruction of public, industrial, residential buildings and infrastructure facilities; demolition of existing structures.

VN Engineering Ltd. has a fully equipped laboratory, its own mechanization and a significant material base for servicing a construction site. We perform specific activities such as diamond cutting and drilling holes in reinforced concrete elements.

Our set of mechanization is sufficient for the entire production process on the construction site and serves both needs of the company and its customers. Each machine for construction and specific activities could be rented out.

VN Engineering Ltd. is a member of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria since 2015.

  About us
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